An Inviting Bathroom Exterior

A bathroom is a private and personal space. It is sometimes referred to as a comfort room; it is something that basically makes the person secured and refreshed. Oftentimes, the beauty of a bathroom is on the inside because that’s where users go to and get the whole feel of it. Wouldn’t it be nice if the exterior of the bathroom is just as cozy as its interior?

One of my classmates in our design class made an esquisse where she had to design a free-standing bathroom that shows strong aesthetics. Her concept word was “Hide Away” and described her bathroom exterior “cozy”, “intimate”, and “compact”. Since a hide away is like a place for a retreat, a space where a person may withdraw from an unpleasant and chaotic environment, it is a good concept for a bathroom. She incorporated the use of stones and woven rattan and vines to give the design a touch of nature. It is intimate because, like what I mentioned, it is a personal space that gives the user time for himself or herself. The same concept was used for the interior of the bathroom. However for this particular esquisse, she had to disregard the interiors and focus on how the concept applies to what’s on the outside.

Hideaway Design Plate

My Classmate’s Design Plate

The resulting design successfully answered the concept. The rattan and dried vines arching over the door gives a cozy and intimate feeling, while the other sides of the free-standing bathroom are relatively simple and plain. The mere sight of the entrance is very inviting, such that it encourages the person to walk through it, into the bathroom. Also, it may trigger the user’s curiosity. The arch gives a strong aesthetic that may make the people already feel the coziness inside. The simplicity of the other sides of the bathroom balances the presence of the arch. This leaves the people wondering what’s in store for them when they enter the bathroom. In other words, the people get only a sneak peak of the whole “Hide Away” concept which is strong enough to catch their attention yet simple enough to get them curious and interested to get inside.

It is good to have the idea of an interior reflected on the exterior. It is also good to have a very welcoming entrance. In this case, the designer expressed the feel of the bathroom through its appearance form the outside. Besides, it is the first thing the user would see. Given a bathroom that aims to give a person a rejuvenating and peaceful me-time, might as well let them know even from the outside that these are what you want to offer.


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